Anatomy of a Disney Character’s Style: Frozen Edition

So much of what we recognize to be a favorite Disney character is based on their personal style. What makes Maleficent who she is? Visually speaking, lots of angles, high cheek bones, and the color black. What makes Gaston Gaston? His threads are a mix of hunting pragmatism and tight red tunics to show off for the ladies. So much of these character’s signature looks tell the story of who they are and the journey they go on, which is why we want to pause for a moment and admire their styling.

We’re going to start exploring the visual side of a Disney character’s personality, starting of course with sisters Anna and Elsa, both from Arendelle, both with very different signature outfits.


Anatomy of a Disney Character's Style: Anna

Anna is the brighter of the two sisters and has a penchant for rosmaling, as do we. She actually incorporates some colors and textures into her look, and is a little more free and easy-going than her sister Elsa (surprise, surprise). Her two braided pigtails, though sweet, also bely a story from her past that’s a bit of a secret… (dramatic ellipses!)


Anatomy of a Disney Character's Style: Elsa

Elsa is the queen of Arendelle, later the queen of her custom ice palace, and she dresses as such. Her signature palette?  Icy blue and sparkles–simple and pretty. We do love when she finally decides to let it go and let her hair down, because she is doing great things for the messy french braid. We’re curious about her lack of jacket–doesn’t she get cold just wearing a beautiful sheer gown in the middle of an endless winter? As it turns out, the cold never bothered her anyway.


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Posted 7 years Ago
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