Unboring Shoes to Wear to the Parks

Layers for when it gets cold? Check. Sunscreen? Check. Minnie ears? Check. Functional footwear? Grrrr, reluctant check.

One of the best things about Disneyland and Walt Disney World is that they are so massive. Contrarywise, for our feet and fashion, this fact is also one of the worst things about Disneyland and Walt Disney World. It’s just really hard to plan a great outfit for a visit to the Parks without looking kind of meh, for the sake of your feet.


We’ve tried running shoes, TOMS, flip-flops, all of which are just fine, but a little limiting when it comes to expressing our personalities. So how does one choose a Parks-friendly shoe option that is unboring AND won’t have you stopping to put band-aids on all day? We found some potential options that we’re excited to try next time we head to Disneyland.

Unboring booties to wear to the Park

Booties are a go-to for almost all aspects of our lives. They can be flat, they come in all different colors and designs, and allow you to show that you have a fashion perspective while still being surprisingly walkable. Plus, they look amazing with jeans. We can say from experience that a good leather bootie is a painless way to spend the day at a Disney park.


Unboring flats to wear to the Park

Flats are the sensible shoes we sometimes forget about for long-distance situations. If your mind goes straight to running shoes, but your heart wants to rock something slightly prettier, consider your most comfy pair of (ALREADY BROKEN-IN!) flats. They’re also a great option if you happen to be Disneybounding and require a character-based footwear option.


Unboring loafers to wear to the Park

Oh loafers, that tried and true pal of leisure. If you want to look sophisticated in any situation, just grab a pair of loafers. We’ve even tried the business on the bottom, party on top look at Disneyland combining classic leather loafers with a bright Disney shirt and character ears. The more you wear a pair of real leather loafers, the more comfortable they will be, so start breaking-in a new pair early.


Unboring rain boots to wear to the Park

Though not often, it does rain at the Disney Parks, and there’s nothing worse than wet, soggy socks while you’re trying to enjoy Pirates of the Caribbean. Running shoes, canvas tennis shoes, flats, or anything low-profile will not be your friend when water is involved. That’s where actual rain boots come into play. Tall enough for pants-tucking-in functionality, plastic enough to keep all traces of water out.


Posted 5 years Ago
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