Ride Inspiration: Space Mountain

Every time we go on Space Mountain, we’re reminded of how much we love Space Mountain. That ride is sneaky fast! And also kind of scary, but in a good way, right? It’s also visually extreme with lots of flashing lights, followed by the complete absence of light, spinning space visuals, and the eerie shadow of the roller coaster itself. We tried to pack some of those visuals and the ride’s futuristic vibe in this Space Mountain-inspired outfit.

Ride Inspiration: Space Mountain | Disney Style

The structured clutch kind of reminded us of the ride’s geometric, spiky exterior. Plus, it has a hologram backing, which is hard to stop staring at. Everything else we chose to compliment one of the most amazing space-themed dresses we’ve ever seen. It incorporates the reds and pinks of that tunnel at the beginning of the ride before you start blasting down the first drop. The boots are sort of futuristic and edgy, kind of like Space Mountain itself.

Dress by Christopher Kane, earrings by ASOS, boots by Topshop, hologram clutch by Nastygal


Posted 6 years Ago
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