Rosemaling Is So Hot Right Now

Disney’s Frozen is now playing in theaters and aside from the stunning scenery, amazing score, and delightful cast, we are obsessed with the traditional Norwegian rosemaling design used throughout the film.


What is this rosemaling, you ask? We are so happy to explain. It’s a type of traditional Norwegian folk art that usually features flowers, geometric designs, and a just a little touch of flair.


Anna and Elsa’s coronation dresses feature the hottest pattern of the moment.
(Rosemaling.) See it on Anna’s skirt and Elsa’s bodice? Why don’t we own these dresses?!


As does Anna’s snow gear:
Pretty flower patterns in bright colors; perfect for spring.


And Elsa’s fabulous snow queen ensemble:
Those snowflakes on the cape (also hot right now) aren’t arranged randomly, they’re in a rosemaling pattern!


Even Sven’s harness has rosemaling!
The geometric diamond pattern in bold colors clearly shouts, “I am a reindeer, but that doesn’t mean I have to accessorize like one.”


But wait, rosemaling isn’t just a clothing thing. It’s also an architecture thing.
Arendelle Castle is designed with the use of repetitive geometric shapes, namely triangles, as a nod to the type of rosemaling found in Norwegian architecture.


It even features in the design of Elsa’s ice castle.
That handrail is just the prettiest we’ve ever seen. It’s art deco meets really cold.


And don’t even get us started on the castle exterior.
When can we move in and decorate with rosemaling everywhere?


We think it’s pretty obvious that rosemaling is the new black. We plan to wear a lot of it, and often.

Posted 7 years Ago
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