If you’ve been paying attention to what’s going on in #menswear, things are getting dapper, and we like it. We recently chatted with Newsies costume designer Jess Goldstein, who knows a thing or two about newsboy caps, about how trousers are fitting better, boys are paying attention to shoe choice, and bow ties are everywhere. Girls are getting in on this trend as well with menswear-inspired blazers, boyfriend jeans, well-pressed oxford shirts, and heavy wool coats with amazing shoulder pads.

“You see a lot of younger men wearing much more detailed clothing and really getting into hats, bow ties, neckties, wearing jackets” Goldstein describes of the attention to detail he’s observed in boys’ dress these days. We definitely approve of this trend, as does Goldstein. “It’s really nice to see that. Shoes are more interesting. We’re in a really nice period for men’s clothing now.”

We put together some outfit inspiration (for boys AND girls) as an homage both to all that’s going on in menswear, and the Newsies themselves. Keep it dapper, everyone.

Newsies menswear

Forever 21 Men shirt, J. Crew scarf, J. Crew cap, Gap belt,  H&M pants, Urban Outfitters boots, J. Crew suspenders, Forever 21 Men gloves

Newsies Menswear

Delias chambray shirt, Urban Outfitters booties, Pinko trousers, J. Crew gloves, J. Crew scarf, Marc Jacobs suspenders

Posted 6 years Ago
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