Spotted at Disney Interactive: Cast Member Style

To kick off our cast member style series, we’re starting with some fabulous street (er… hallway) style from the Disney Interactive campus.


Bobby – Director of Beauty 
DI Style_Bobby


Emily- Oh My Disney Editor
DI Style_Emily


Scott and Kaitlyn – Communication Specialist and Communication Coordinator 
DI Style_Scott and Kaitlyn


 Josh- UX Designer 
DI Style_Josh


Kathryn- Social Engagement Strategist
DI Style_Kathryn


Shelby – Sr Social Engagement Strategist, Disney Style Editor, SVP of Keeping it Real
DI Style_Shelby

Alexei and Will- Disney Blogs Contributor, Pineapple Shirt Enthusiast and Content Producer
DI Style_Will and Alexei


We couldn’t just pick one image of these two pineapple enthusiasts!


DI Style_Will and Alexei 2


Tatyana- Social Engagement Strategist
DI Style_Tatyana


Chanelle- Production Artist
DI Style_Channel


Jamie- Brand Management Intern
DI Style_Jamie

Posted 7 years Ago
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