First Trip To Disneyland… Stylishly

There are few things better than a first trip to Disneyland. As all of those beyond adorable videos of kids tell us, it’s a big deal. Yet it sometimes feels like an even bigger deal if you’re venturing to the Happiest Place on Earth for the first time as an adult. Prepping can be fraught with decisions, mainly of the fashionable nature: Do I bring a sweatshirt? Will I need a hat? What if it rains? And oh please don’t make me decide shoes. Let’s bring them all.

But the fretting is all for naught. Thankfully if you’re in need of some Parks style inspiration (perhaps you are reading this article minutes before making a game-time outfit decision), here it is. A couple of our friends made their first trip to Disneyland, and they showed up in literally the perfect outfits:

Let’s take a closer look:


In case you’re not inspired enough, here are a few more tips to take your inaugural Disneyland outfit to professional level:
Layers: That’s the key here (isn’t that always the case?). But not just any layers. There are textures, patterns, AND a lapel – the perfect place for the all-important 1st Visit pin.


Hats: While their outfits are perfect in our book, they also made the very fortuitous decision not to wear hats. Now only a pro might know this, but hats are plentiful at Disneyland. In fact, there’s a whole store for them. So we actually encourage you to forgo headwear in favor of making a stop at our favorite haberdashery, The Mad Hatter:


All style, no sugar: It is near impossible to pass up a beignet in New Orleans Square. Good thing you don’t have to. Sure, there might be a bit of powdered sugar involved, but there’s always this tried and true method to avoid a beignet malfunction:


Sunglasses: A must.


You’re all set! Pass along these tips to your fellow Disneyland first-timers. For the pros out there, what are your Disneyland style tips?

Posted 7 years Ago
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