DIY: Upgrade That Old Favorite Disney Shirt

Everyone has that shirt–the one from their trip to Disneyland when they were in 8th grade that they couldn’t leave the park without, but now only use at the gym or as one half of a set of PJs. Or you happened to be at your local flea market or thrift shop and saw an amazing vintage Disney tee that you absolutely had to have. Either way, sometimes the boxy shape of a normal tee isn’t exactly conducive to a fashion statement.

Introducing your Disney tee upgrade inspiration, also the best way to add a little Mickey love to your everyday wardrobe.

For a muscle tee or basic tank, you can use a similar shirt as a guide to restructure an oversized shirt. To create a tie-front tank, decide where you want the hem to be, then cut vertically up the center to create two ends to tie.

It’s one of the best ways we can think of to liberate that favorite souvenir tee from it’s permanent home in a crowded drawer.


Upgrade an old Disney shirt

Posted 7 years Ago
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