Chatting With Chelsea Kane on the Red Carpet

We got to chat with Baby Daddy’s Chelsea Kane on the Crush red carpet last week where she told us about her Disney kid history and favorite winter accessories. First off, it’s definitely worth noting that if there were an award for best use of a red sweetheart romper, Miss Kane would have won in a landslide. Check it out:Chelsea Kane from Baby Daddy

Once we got over our jumper envy, we wanted to find out about the ABC Family star’s Disney pedigree.

“I loved Belle. I think that was the first Disney movie I have a recollection of seeing in the movie theaters.” Very smart choice.

“When it came to Disney Channel, it was all about Lizzie McGuire. I was obsessed!”

When she’s not busy causing general outfit envy on red carpets, Kane said her must-have accessory this season is: over-the-knee boots. Not necessarily the spiked-hill vixen style, so much as the comfy and practical flat variety. “It’s the perfect combination of looking like you tried and being really comfortable all at the same time.”

Posted 7 years Ago
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