Exclusive: Here’s Your First Look at Star’s New Dress from Season 3 of Star vs. The Forces of Evil

When it comes to Disney characters’ closets, there are quite a few that I wouldn’t mind borrowing an outfit or two from. And lately, the Disney character’s style I’ve been obsessing over is Star Butterfly from Disney XD’s Star vs. The Forces of Evil.

As a princess from another dimension, Star’s fashion has always been super unique. She’s not afraid of pattern mixing or bold accessories (yes, we do want a star-shaped purse), and I’m happy to say that trend continues in her latest look for season 3! At Comic-Con today, creator and executive producer Daron Nefcy revealed Star’s newest dress—and you’re definitely going to love it.
The details are always what makes Star’s outfits so great, so the little narwhal (a nice nod to one of Star’s favorite spells) and the wing-like cap sleeves are totally her style.

Be sure to watch Star vs. The Forces of Evil on Disney XD!


Posted 3 years Ago
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