John Stamos Is DisneyBounding As Prince Eric and It’s Too Perfect

It’s no secret that John Stamos (aka Uncle Jesse from Full House, aka definitely one of the Disney Style team’s childhood crushes) is a huge fan of Disney. He collects Disney memorabilia, and loves going to the Disney Parks. And as John explained on The View this morning, he’s even started to incorporate Disney into his style. Yes, John Stamos is DisneyBounding. As Prince Eric. And we’re not freaking out, YOU ARE FREAKING OUT.

So, how did John get into DisneyBounding? It turns out that John’s girlfriend, Caitlin, is a huge fan of Disney too. And before their trip to Walt Disney World this weekend, she introduced him to DisneyBounding and the rest, as they say, is history. To hear the story,┬áskip to 1:47 and see John’s full Prince Eric DisneyBound.

The View is live from Walt Disney World all this week!

Posted 3 years Ago
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