In Appreciation of the Fashion in Hocus Pocus

When we all first saw the film, we immediately wanted to be Dani and/or Allison, thought Thackery Binx was cute (in human form, not cat form, but even still, ew weird), and thought the parents were cool for ACTUALLY dressing up for Halloween. For many reasons, this movie has gone from quirky little Halloween tale, to epic fan favorite and cult classic boasting an amazing squad of witches that we can’t get enough of. There’s even a musical number, because you can’t have Bette in a film without having her sing, duh.

Though we celebrate Hocus Pocus now for a slew of magical reasons, one of the first things that caught my eye as a seven year old was the fashion. Not just Sarah Jessica Parker’s stockings either, but like, ALL of the fashion.

For example, remember how cool Dani seemed for wearing a sort of half costume/half fall outfit to go trick-or-treating?

Hocus Pocus_20Things_11

She had the hat and a sort of, whimsical sweater in fall colors, but didn’t go with a full witch, all-black, store-bought costume, and it just seemed so understated and cool back then.

Then of course, there were the Sanderson Sisters.

90s Hocus Pocus

This time was simultaneously super witch-y but totally unlike the witches we were used to. Their outfits were from the real world, all scraps and little bits from various dresses instead of perfectly composed villain costumes. They each also expressed their personality as well, from color palette to accessories to fit. BTW, is Mary’s hair just shaped like that or is it a hat?

Like I mentioned, the parents actually dressed up for Halloween—does anyone’s parents do this? Why is this tiny Halloween-obsessed neighborhood of Salem so cool?

Hocus Pocus_20Things_5

Mom’s costume is a little extreme but she went for it and that gets points in my book.

And then there was Allison.

hocus-pocus-quiz-results-allison copy

Okay, scratch what I said earlier, I wanted to be Allison most. She not only had a very elaborate ball gown for her family’s next-level Halloween party, she was also totally unfussy about it and just as eager to change into her normal clothes.

And then-said normal clothes were so cool!

Hocus Pocus - Graveyard

You could literally wear this outfit today. Vintage jeans, casual ribbed shirt, oversized grandpa sweater, super cool necklace, stick straight hair with a side part. Uniform of a cool girl from Salem who believes in witches.

Though all the witches had amazing style, you know that Sarah aka SJP was your favorite.


Her schtick was that she was the “pretty” witch so she had all the best style. Cranberry everything (this was 1993 of course), old-timey boots over tights, a super cool embellished corset and caked on makeup of our 1990’s dreams.

Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters

Maybe it’s because the ’90s are having their time again, but you could over-line your eyes in black, slap on a dark red lip a la Sarah and be set to go. Bleaching your hair platinum blonde is obviously an option.

If this nostalgia for the fashion of Hocus Pocus has you excited to plan your Halloween costume (only three and a half months left!), check out our guide on how to dress like a Sanderson Sister with things you probably already have in your room!


Posted 4 years Ago
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