A Detailed Look at the Alice Through The Looking Glass Costumes

In Alice Through the Looking Glass, the costumes created by the legendary Colleen Atwood tell a story all their own. These standout pieces reflect each character perfectly, and have the signature whimsical touch that makes the world of Underland a stylish and magical place.

Oftentimes though, we aren’t able to see, or notice all the wonderful details that make up a costume on the big screen. We recently had the chance to get up-close and personal with the amazing costumes from Alice Through the Looking Glass and were in awe of Atwood’s attention to detail. Take a look at these zoomed-in shots, and see if you find anything new in these gorgeous costumes.

The White Queen

Covered in crystals, feathers, and plenty of tulle, the White Queen looks enchanting in this white gown. If you look carefully, you’ll notice the skirt has silver snowflakes printed on it.


The Red Queen

Since the Red Queen was exiled in the previous film, her dress reflects her befallen but still royal status. The skirt is made up of various torn and ripped fabrics, with hearts literally falling off of them. We also love her Victorian-inspired lace boots.

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What makes Time’s costume standout is the structure and uses of mixed material. Leather is a standout here, but the unique sleeves and hat give Time’s outfit a uniform-like feel. Take notice of the unique disks that make up his necklace.

20160304-2016-03-16-Alice-Wardrobe-44 20160304-2016-03-16-Alice-Wardrobe-37


After her adventures around the world, Alice returns to England with a style befitting her adventures. The colors are truly beautiful, and we adore all the different patterns. The best part of this outfit though is the bodice. Embroidered into the top are symbols near and dear to Alice, like the Mad Hatter’s Hat, the White Rabbit, and an “A” for her initial.


The Mad Hatter

With a background in millinery, it’s no surprise that the Mad Hatter has great style. From his sash filled with spools of thread to the oversized safety pin dripping in ribbons, the Hatter really knows how to accessorize. The fox buttons are also one of our favorite details, as well as the stitching on his signature hat.

20160304-2016-03-16-Alice-Wardrobe-88 20160304-2016-03-16-Alice-Wardrobe-9120160304-2016-03-16-Alice-Wardrobe-94 20160304-2016-03-16-Alice-Wardrobe-136

Which costume from Alice Through the Looking Glass is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 4 years Ago
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