Exclusive Style Interview With The One and Only, Miss Piggy

If we had to pick one holiday album to listen to for the rest of our lives on repeat (but honestly, that’s happening now anyway), we would definitely pick Michael Bublé’s Christmas. It’s the perfect blend of classic Christmas that we can sing along to anytime, anywhere.


So, when we heard Michael would be hosting another Christmas special, we were totally stoked. And when we heard one of his special guests would be THE Miss Piggy?! Well, our holiday joy just reached epic new levels. Miss Piggy was kind enough to take some time out of her immensely busy schedule, to talk with us about the special, and give us some amazing style advice.


Michael Buble's Christmas in New York - Season 2014
Even though it’s “technically” Michael’s special, Miss Piggy knows how to make sure that the audience knows who the real star is. “Performance is all about keeping the audience focused on what is most important….moi! So, I am always looking for ways to make sure all eyes are on moi by decking myself out in diamonds, pearls, emeralds, rubies and other precious gems.  Not only are these great for enhancing my performance, they’re a lot of fun to bring home after the show!”


Michael Buble's Christmas in New York - Season 2014
And with a packed performance schedule, Miss Piggy stressed to us the importance of taking care of yourself. “Exercise, eat right, and get plenty of sleep. If none of that works, then do what I do—hire a staff of personal trainers and chefs as well as make-up artists, hairdressers, and stylists to do whatever it takes to make you look fabulous. And then, if all else fails, hire a really good publicist to buy back the bad pictures.”


Miss Piggy Kermit Christmas

When it comes to holiday style, Miss Piggy understands the pressure of getting the perfect outfit. “One really has to raise their fashion game at this time of year. I mean, you’re out there competing with tinsel, garland, and blinking lights. You really have to go all out if you want to make an impression. For moi, I simply dress in red (velvet), and then drape myself in green (frog). The rest, as they say, is the most wonderful time of the year!”


Michael Buble's Christmas in New York - Season 2014

And the perfect holiday accessory? “Mistletoe,” noted Miss Piggy.  “And a stapler gun to put it up whenever you’ll be walking near gorgeous men.”


Be sure to watch for Miss Piggy during “Michael Bublé’s Christmas in New York” tonight at 8/7c on NBC.

Posted 5 years Ago
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