Playing “Can’t Get Enough/Had Enough” With Becky G

Every since we first saw her videos for “Play it Again” and “Becky From the Block,” we’ve loved Becky G. Style: this girl has it. She stopped by Radio Disney this week and played a round of “Can’t Get Enough/Had Enough” with Morgan and Maddie. It’s no big surprise that she can’t get enough of performing, overalls, and shopping (agreed!), but that she’s kind of over video games, cold weather, and having to work out (yup).

Watch to see the rest of her answers. And P.S., is that a Holly Golightly shirt we see peeking out from those overalls? Pretty sure it just might be this Audrey Hepburn (sporting donuts for shades) shirt from Forever21.

Forever 21 Audrey Hepburn Shirt


Posted 6 years Ago
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