Behind the Makeup with Pretty Little Liars Artist Cindy Miguens

After the intrigue and mystery of the show, half the fun of watching Pretty Little Liars is seeing what pretty little looks the girls are sporting each week. We chatted about what goes into achieving their makeup with Pretty Little Liars resident makeup artist, Cindy Miguens, who has had a blast over the last few years helping to define each girl’s signature makeup style.

Pretty Little Liars makeup artist Cindy Miguens

If you think doing makeup for a show like PLL is a dream job, you’d be correct. Says Miguens: “A day at work is sort of a day at play for me because it’s such a great environment with cool cast and crew.” Miguens was inspired to become a makeup artist simply by following her own passion. “I was that girl that everyone would call up to ask if I could do their makeup when they were going out.” Talent, plus that tried and true combo of hard work, networking, and luck eventually landed her on the PLL set.

The days start early for Miguens and the girls. “We have to be on our feet and move fast to get them ready.  Basically it’s just getting the girls ready in time for camera, making sure that everyone is on set looking beautiful.” The entire hair + makeup process can take over an hour for each girl… every day of shooting. For more dramatic party looks, or styling at the beginning of an episode, Miguens takes a bit more time to figure out what the look will be, establish nail art for the week, which she tends to have fun with. “I love doing the nails. I used to really get down and paint with toothpicks, eyeliner brushes…”

 Pretty Little Liars makeup artist Cindy Miguens

Since each girl is known for her own signature style, and the audience is paying close attention to each girl’s makeup each week, Miguens has really had to get creative to differentiate the girls and create makeup palettes that set them apart and help define their characters.

“I love the fact that people actually realize that we do work really hard to  give every girl a slightly different look, just because their characters are completely different. That’s been a really fun challenging thing for me.”

Watch Cindy in action in this behind-the-makeup tutorial that shows how she achieves one of Hanna’s signature smokey looks.

Posted 7 years Ago
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