3 simple steps to get Princess Jasmine’s iconic look

M.A.C’s new Aladdin inspired make-up range is making our Princess dreams a reality.

When M.A.C revealed they were launching an Aladdin inspired make-up range, it was like all our beauty wishes had come true. Not only would we get a live-action adaptation of one of our favourite Disney films. Aladdin – in cinemas now – we’d also get beauty products inspired by the super stylish Princess Jasmine.

The new range, which is available to buy now, is packed with the vibrant colours of Agrabah and will no doubt leave you feeling shining, shimmering and splendid!

Disney’s Ella Victoria got the inside scoop from M.A.C makeup artist, Sanaz Fakhra, on her top beauty tips and the three products you need to get the iconic Princess Jasmine look.

  1. Get the sun-kissed look with bronzer

    Disney’s Aladdin is set in the sunny city of Agrabah so you’ll definitely need some bronzer to get that summer glow. Start by applying it to the apples of the cheeks and brush the product upwards towards the temples and with the excess of the brush, brush a little bit onto the forehead and onto the jawline and downward.

    Top tip: Brush a little bit onto the bridge of the nose and through the center of the face so it looks like you’ve just stepped out of the sun.


  2.  Bring the confidence with a bold eyeshadow palette

    Be bold and add a pop of colour with this Agrabah inspired eyeshadow palette. Start by using some neutral colours on the eyelids. Begin at the outer corner of the eye using small circular motions and lightly bring it through the center of the eye lid. Sweep outwards over the eye crease to finish.

    Top tip: Press a little sparkle onto the eyelid for a more dramatic look. Using more of a pressing motion, apply your second colour on the inside and center of the eyelid.

    Finish the look with black liner line the eyes and add a bit more definition. Use your brush to really smudge the edge and connect the two lines together.

    Voila! A perfect smokey eye.

  3. Stand out from the crowd with a vibrant lip shade

    Finish your Princess Jasmine look with a bold lip.  Begin by applying normal lipstick with a rose tone. Finish the look with some gloss. This is going to add a nice shine to the end.

    Top tip: Applying a lip gloss over your lipstick will add a bit of sparkle and help make your makeup stand out.

    And there you have it. Three very simple steps to get the Princess Jasmine look.

For the full tutorial, and more tips and tricks, watch the video:

Posted 1 year Ago
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