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Beauty Guru PatrickStarrr Shares His Love of Disney and How it Inspires Him

Every time we meet PatrickStarrr, we’re amazed by his beauty and grace. Recently, we chatted at the premiere of Life Size 2, and got to learn more about his love of Disney. Great seeing you again! Let’s see, last time we chatted was backstage at the Disney Villains x The Blonds show at New York Fashion Week. 

Oh my gosh! The Blonds show!

How did you end up in their show? 

It was a simple invitation and then it turned into not just watching the show, but walking in the show opening up the Ursula section. It was beyond my wildest dreams. Definitely one of the coolest experiences I’ve had.

Ok, we know you love Disney. Between Disney makeup transformations and trips to the Parks, can you tell us about your love of Disney? 

I love Disney so, so much. I do the Mickey voice all the time. All the time. Also, my second name Sidney is scrambled from Disney. So Patrick Sidney is my name, and my mother loved Disney, so it was scrambled into Sidney as my second name.

I love the Parks–I just went this past weekend–I love the Princesses, the storytelling, and it’s been a reflection on not just my personality, but my beauty and my style as well.

Do you use Disney in your beauty inspiration? 

Yes! Trying new things, taking and conquering challenges, it’s all from my love of Disney. And color, color is such a big part of who PatrickStarrr is and as far as fashion, my turban is kind of like my Mickey Mouse ears–easily recognizable everywhere you go.

Do you have a favorite character? 

I love Cinderella. I think I am the LGBTQ version of Cinderella, having worked at MAC Cosmetics and now having my own MAC collection. (Disney Villains also had a MAC collection, by the way!) Cinderella is just all about making a dream come true and to be in fashion and beauty, I’m living my dream.

When you go to the Parks, do you have a go-to Disney style? 

Always color. A pop of sparkle, sometimes, too.

Do you have any advice for our readers?

There’s a quote from the live-action Cinderella, “Have courage, and be kind,” and another one I use is, “Life opens up when you do.” So be vulnerable, make new friends, let people in. Let go of the bad friends and negative energy. Let go of those evil stepsisters and just be yourself.

Posted 2 years Ago
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