Besamé Cosmetics Has a New Peter Pan Mermaid Lagoon Collection and Yes, All Our Dreams are Coming True

When it comes to dreamy Disney vintage aesthetics, the Mermaid Lagoon scene in Peter Pan is definitely one of our favorites. And now Besamé Cosmetics, the brand behind those amazing Snow White and Agent Carter makeup collections, have taken all the things we love about the Mermaid Lagoon and used it as inspiration for a new, fantastic collection.

The line features everything you need to live your best mermaid life, including an shadow palette, bronzer, shimmer, lipstick and mist fragrance. Each piece comes perfectly encased in mermaid-inspired packaging, adorned with seashells and starfish. Oh, and we’ll never get over the mist fragrance, which features a mini mermaid from Peter Pan on top.

Treasures of the Lagoon Shadow Palette

Waterfall Mist Fragrance

Pearl Shimmer Shell Compact

Golden Sand Bronzer

Mermaid Kiss Lipstick

Starfish Pink Lipstick

Waterlily Blossom Red Lipstick

Of course, Besamé is committed to getting the details right in their Disney collections. They once again based the hues off the real paint used in the film, which means it’s a perfect match for that Mermaid Lagoon aesthetic. The shell compact design is also based on concept art from the film!

The limited-edition collection will be available online on November 5! Let us know in the comments which item is your favorite.

Posted 2 years Ago
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