8 Eyeshadow Combinations Inspired by Disney Villains

No one does drama like Disney Villains. Where heroes often opt for brighter ensembles, these baddies consistently wow us with bold fashion choices and dark color schemes many of us would like to try in theory, but may be intimidated by in practice. Though most of us may not be able to wear something like Maleficent’s cape or one of Yzma’s (many) headdresses in a non-costumed setting, we can certainly take a page out of either’s look book by letting them color the most creative and versatile corner of a beauty regime–eyeshadows.

We’ve arranged eight eyeshadow combinations for wickedly dramatic looks. Each pairing feature two shades—a main lid shade, and a second for the outer corner of your lid. Add a lighter shade just below your brow line, a darker shade along your lash line, and blend, blend, blend to complete the look.

Which of these looks would you be brave enough to try?

Posted 4 years Ago
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