5 Disney Characters Who Nail Winged Eyeliner

We think it’s safe to say that winged eyeliner no longer falls in the trend category, but is more of a confidence statement for women. There’s nothing like the feeling of a looking in the mirror at a job well done when you’re going for the perfect cat-eye shape. These 5 Disney characters are great examples of how this beauty tactic can make you feel instantly bold and beautiful. We’re having serious eye liner envy.

Chicha wears an extreme dark eyeliner that gives her look a sense of motherly love and compassion. She’s the perfect example of someone who doesn’t put on makeup to impress anyone but herself. Even as pregnant and hands-on with her kids as she is, she chooses to give herself a confident look that makes a statement.

Pacha's Wife

Maleficent’s winged eyeliner gives her pastel-colored face a dark and defined look. It outlines her features to create an overall wicked but whimsical look.


As if Meg’s luscious high pony and sharp confidence weren’t enough of a reason to love her, she also perfects a thin winged eyeliner that elongates her eyes for a subtle beauty statement.

Hercules is Secretly the Most Romantic Movie of all Time - Megara

Jasmine’s eyeliner is one we envy, as it gives her a bold and daring look that enhances her courageous and adventurous attributes. Her eyes are beaming with curiosity and eagerness to learn about the world outside the palace walls.


Jane opts for a smaller and more subtle winged statement that mirrors her sweet and friendly personality. Her warm and welcoming demeanor aren’t consistent with darker and more defined lines.

Ladylike Habits_Jane

Which character’s eye coloring are you most in love with? Tell us in the comments below!

Posted 4 years Ago
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