Our Favorite Nail Polishes for a Mad Hatter Mani

We’re still in the full swing of summer, but I’m already looking ahead at fall nail polish trends. The darker, jewel tones of autumn are a perfect fit for a Mad Hatter mani. Alice in Wonderland is filled with unique color palettes, especially in the iconic tea party scene, which naturally extends to the Mad Hatter’s eccentric ensemble. The combination of olive, mustard, and teal isn’t particularly traditional in the nail art world, which is exactly why it embodies the Mad Hatter’s character.

Start exploring our picks for your next autumn-inspired Mad Hatter mani:

Mad Hatter Mani
1. Zoya Yara 2. Christian Louboutin Alta Perla 3. Chanel Emeraude 4. MAC Before Dawn 5. China Glaze Aquadelic 6. ILNP Harbour Island 7. Julep Cassidy 8. Essie Where’s My Chauffeur 9. Julep Leo 10. Formula X Crafty 11. Revlon Chameleon


I love olive nail polish for fall and winter, and it’s the ideal signature color to begin your Mad Hatter mani. Whether you’re going for a cream or shimmer polish, the most important factor is full coverage. These greens from Zoya, Chanel, Louboutin, and MAC would all provide a nice base for any further nail art designs.


Teal is one of the ultimate transition shades between the bright days of summer and the more subdued hue of fall afternoons. Go bold with these Julep and Essie polishes, or more muted with the dusty teal by China Glaze. If you went with a cream olive polish, this holographic aqua from ILNP is a great accent.


The color of the Mad Hatter’s jacket is actually very tricky to name. At some points in the movie it looks more mustard yellow, while at other times it definitely looks more green. Conveniently, iridescent, shade-shifting yellow polish is a thing! Julep, Formula X, and Revlon all make varying shades of the perfect mustard that catch the light and reflect green at different angles.

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Posted 4 years Ago
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