This Disney Lip Art Will Steal Your Heart

One of our favorite new beauty obsessions is lip art. We’ve seen the videos floating around Facebook and YouTube, and loved how, in addition to just looking cool, makeup artists were using this new trend to showcase their painting skills, creativity, and love for characters and films.

We had to get in on the fun, so we got with makeup artist and one of the most celebrated lip artists, Vlada Haggerty. Check out this video to see some of the amazing Disney-inspired lip art Vlada has created with Disney Style:

Vlada is a professional makeup artist and stylist who specializes in photo and video shoots. Originally from Ukraine, Vlada says she initially just started doing lip art for fun, “and it completely stole my heart.” What started out as a hobby became Vlada’s most popular work. “I started posting photos of my experiments on my Instagram page vladamua and noticed that I got twice as many likes on photos of lip art versus my regular makeup works. After a while it became my page’s specialty and it still is.”

While Vlada is an expert on all things makeup and hair, she’s been having fun focusing on lips. “It’s such a fun canvass to work on. Absolutely impractical yet so fascinating, that’s what I love about it the most.”

To come up with her unique designs, Vlada sketches all of her ideas into a notebook and saves them to have on hand when the perfect client request comes along. “It gives me guidance to create something new and interesting specifically for them.”

So far her favorite design is the one that kicked off her lip art career: her rose gold lip art. “Ever since I took that shot my career started going up, I think it’s my ‘lucky penny’!”

Posted 4 years Ago
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