Lion King Nail Art That’s Perfect For Your Summer Manicure

If there’s one Disney movie that reminds me of my childhood, it’s The Lion King. This movie has inspired many manicures over the years, so I wanted to create a fresh take on one of the most iconic Disney scenes–the “Circle of Life” sunrise! With a little ombre action and some bright white nail polish to add a summer vibe, this Lion King nail art has us ready for beach trips and sunny afternoons outside!

Pro Tips

  • Prep your supplies before jumping into the manicure. Rip up your makeup sponge and cut strips of striping tape ahead of time so you aren’t struggling with wet nails.
  • The secret to an ombre manicure is layering! Work quickly, do as many coats as necessary to blend the colors together to your liking.
  • With any sponging manicure, you will definitely get polish on your cuticles! Use Vaseline ahead of time to keep the polish from drying on your skin and make for an easier clean up.

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Posted 4 years Ago
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