Sleeping Beauty Nail Art: Color Block Edition

When it comes to the Sleeping Beauty pink vs. blue dress debate, we know everyone has their favorite. I personally love Aurora in her blue gown, but when I was designing this nail art tutorial, I knew I needed to include all of her signature colors: pink, blue, and tiara gold. This helped inspire one our new favorite takes on Disney Princess-inspired nail art, and today we’re bringing you the first installment of these color block tutorials featuring Sleeping Beauty nail art.

I’m a huge fan of color block manicures because they’re so easy to execute, no matter your level of nail art experience. All you need is nail polish and tape, and you’re ready to go! Find out how to channel Aurora’s signature colors in this chic color block design:

Pro Tips

  • Cut your striping tape into short strips before starting your manicure for an easy application process.
  • Make a mental note of what order you placed the tape strips, so removal is smooth and your tape doesn’t tangled.
  • Remove the striping tape before the polish dries, and clean up any imperfect white lines with a toothpick or thin paintbrush.

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Posted 3 years Ago
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