Winnie the Pooh Nail Art That is Sweet as Hunny

Our favorite silly old bear is always finding a way to inspire our choices in fashion and accessories. Today, we have the sweetest Winnie the Pooh nail art tutorial that is subtle enough to wear on a daily basis, at school or the office. I wanted to pull in elements of Pooh’s classic red tee, while also getting playful with his love of hunny. That’s where the bumblebee stripes came in! Pull up a chair and a pot of hunny—or your favorite yellow nail polish—and enjoy our tutorial!

Pro Tips

  • Cut your tape strips before starting your manicure. Using scissors with wet nail polish is pretty difficult!
  • Touch the tape to your hand before sticking to your nail to remove some of the adhesive. That will keep the tape from peeling off your base color!
  • Remove the tape before the nail polish dries fully for the cleanest line. If your line doesn’t come out completely clean, just touch up the color with a thin brush or toothpick.

If you try out our Winnie the Pooh nail art, show us your designs on Instagram by using #DisneyStyle! And don’t forget to get your tickets see Christopher Robin in theatres August 3.

Posted 4 years Ago
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