Learn How to Get the Genie Chic Look

The ’90s kid inside us has been loving Dove Cameron’s updated version of “Genie in a Bottle,” and one of our favorite parts of the new music video is her on-point genie chic look. She effortlessly rocks a bold, royal purple and gold ensemble to match another part of Mal’s signature style—her purple hair! Not only does she have the look down, but we’re also getting major genie chic vibes as the rich colors and eclectic jewelry catch on in the Descendants world. If you’re ready to channel your inner genie, we have two tutorials to make the style magic happen.

High Ponytail Tutorial

One of our everyday go-to hairstyles is a chic, high pony. It’s simple, yet can either be dressed up or down for any occasion. Charisma Star shows off how you can easily recreate Mal’s high ponytail, that will look great with street style or dressed up for a night out.

DIY Bangle Bracelet 

Bold colors and chunky jewelry are signature pieces of Dove’s genie chic look in the music video. Charisma Star has a simple DIY tutorial for a set of jeweled bangles that you can dress up or down. All you need is gold wire, a few beads, and a little bit of genie magic!

Love these looks? Head over to the Disney Descendant’s YouTube page to find out where the Genie Chic look got started!

Posted 4 years Ago
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