Why Peggy Carter is a Style Guru

There’s something particularly enchanting about 1940s fashion­. Marked by impeccable pin curls, wide-brim hats, full-skirts, and sharp menswear, the era balanced precision and elegance with impossible ease, leaving us to simultaneously stare in admiration and question how the women of the era accomplished it in the first place.

Vestiges of this iconic style live on in ABC’s Agent Carter and its beauty guru lead, Peggy Carter, undoubtedly leaves us in similar—if not extra—awe. Though the season two finale aired early last month, the example set by her style has stuck with us and we’re ready to break down why we love it.

Impeccable Hair and Makeup

MARVEL'S AGENT CARTER - "Monsters" - As Peggy plots a rescue mission, Whitney hunts for even more dark power; and Jarvis learns he should not make promises he cannot keep, on "Marvel's Agent Carter," TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 16 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EST) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Byron Cohen) HAYLEY ATWELL

Given her work as a secret agent, it’s no surprise Peggy is a stickler for details. Wearing a matching shade of ruby red on her lips and nails, Peggy applies her scrupulousness to her beauty regimen, achieving a bold take on a traditional style.

Special recognition goes to her pin-curls, which an early episode in season one proves to be her own handiwork. As if she weren’t impressive enough.

Pin Curls

Tailored Outfits


A woman in a male dominated profession, and—in the late 1940s, let’s face it—a male dominated world, Peggy’s tailored suits offer a feminine reinterpretation of classic menswear. Though pictured above in a skirt, it’s not uncommon to see her in trousers—a style that boldly departed from women’s fashion only a decade before.

Agent Peggy Carter Trousers

The Accessories

Agent Carter Peggy 2

Specifically—The Hat. We capitalized that “H” for a reason. Fans of Agent Carter and casual TV viewers alike recognize Peggy’s iconic accessory—once again matched to her bright red lips. Though this look may be hard to pull off in the modern day, Peggy wears it with confidence and inspires us to try.

As the second season of the show took place in Los Angeles, we got extra opportunities to see Peggy in another one of our favorite accessories—her cat eye sunglasses. Given how popular these shades are in the modern day, Peggy obviously has an eye for the classics.

Agent Peggy Carter Sunglasses

What do we love most of all?

Peggy and Souza Dance in Agent Carter

That Peggy’s femininity does nothing to detract from her competence. Far from the damsel in distress, this witty heroine consistently takes lead and looks pretty amazing doing it.

Do you have a favorite Agent Carter style? Tell us in the comments below!

Posted 4 years Ago
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