The Ultimate Disney Nail Art Roundup

We recently went down a rabbit hole looking back at past videos on the official Disney Style YouTube channel and we realized we have some pretty amazing nail art tutorials on file. Some are pretty intense, like the Lion King Pride Land design with the sun rising in the background. Others like the sparkly Cinderella design are a little easier to achieve if you don’t happen to be a nail art expert.

Check out some of our favorites from the past few years and get inspired to create your own summer nail designs!


The Lion King Sun Set

We will admit, this is the most advanced of all of our nail art designs, but watching CutePolish walk us through the steps, it somehow seems less complicated.


Little Mermaid Nail Art

We absolutely love the fish scale accent nail on this design! And those aren’t just polka dots, they’re bubbles.


Cinderella Ball Gown Nail Art

Our friend and nail expert Lynette Cenée created this style in honor of Cinderella’s beautiful ball gown. The best thing about this design is that it’s super simple to recreate but packs a lot of look.


Tangled Flower Nail Art

Lynette Cenée tackled this Tangled-inspired design after we asked YOU, our readers, which look you wanted to see next.


Frozen Nail Art

This is another simple look that packs a lot of of sparkle. It’s super simple to achieve, and the snowflake accent nail is way easier to recreate than you’d think.


Toy Story Alien Nails

We love this nail art design because of the little three-eyed alien accent nail! Plus, an inverted blue mani is a really cool idea–why don’t we try this more often?


Chip Nail Art

This design is great because it’s not as literal as painting a character onto your nail, but everyone will know exactly which film you’re channeling. As always, CutePolish walks you through so the design isn’t as tricky as it looks when you see the final product.



Posted 5 years Ago
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