From the Purse of: Rapunzel

Up next in our series that takes a peek inside the hypothetical purse of a Disney character: Rapunzel. It comes as no major surprise that Rapunzel’s satchel is filled with… hair products. As we saw in Tangled, this down-to-earth princess packs light. She doesn’t even wear shoes! That’s why her purse boasts the essentials: a solid and well-worn detangling brush, and several different types of hair clips, clasps, and pins that she might need while on her journey.

From the Purse of Rapunzel

Though Flynn Rider is the one who rocks a satchel throughout Tangled, we found a pretty similar purse for Rapunzel with this leather cross-body bag by Frye. It’s beautiful and natural and not too fussy, which fits in great with Rapunzel’s style.

Rapunzel would obviously be very familiar with the pros and cons of every hair tie on the market. That’s why she’d be leading the way with hair elastics, which don’t leave unsightly creases in one’s hair and come in beautiful colors and patterns. We threw in the flower crown just in case she’s feeling fancy. She’d also have a beautiful notebook since she’s always bursting with creativity; literally, no home can contain her paintings and drawings. We also thought she might enjoy this Nars nailpolish in her favorite shade of lavendar.

Posted 6 years Ago
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