Magical Makeup: Sheer Nail Polish

The new trend in nail polish is a bit transparent. (See what we did there?)

OPI, Essie, American Apparel; they’re all advertising their new bright yet sheer polishes in an assortment of colors. The point is supposed to be the ability to layer said colors or create an ombre, transition effect from one color to the next, which in theory is very beautiful. In practice, it was a lot harder than it looked. (We might be beauty-minded but we’re not expert manicurists!).

Magical Makeup: Sheer Nail Polish

We tried out three different hues from American Apparel: a light pink, a bright pink, and a sort of watermelon green. The obvious look to attempt was the ombre, so we painted our tips green and painstakingly blended the bright pink for a summery, watermelon look. Despite how awesome all the photos we saw online were, this was a tough trick to nail the first time around. The nail polish is slow to dry, which helped us blend at the center, but made it a bit tough to move around. As awesome as the pink and green looked, the lighter pink just didn’t seem to blend as easily. It still works great as a light, sheer neutral on its own though.

Magical Makeup: Sheer Nail Polish

The verdict: a cool, ombre look is possible with enough patience and the right color combo. We’ll keep practicing!


Our tips for using sheer polish:


Use various tiny paintbrushes to layer the polish on


More is more; the polish blends better when you use a thicker layer


Give yourself time to dry! It took a long time for the polish to dry, and we didn’t want to chip it and have to try to achieve the same ombre look again, so hold still!




Posted 3 years Ago
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