The Beautifully Disney Collection is Beautiful

Usually we buy makeup to help make us beautiful, but we’re all over this makeup because it’s just so beautiful all on its own.

Behold the Beautifully Disney makeup collection, packaging for which is so beautiful, it’s a shame to even open it. But we did because we wanted to put the makeup on. The collection comes in a bright assortment of color palettes, all inspired by villains, princesses, or characters. You don’t usually see a product that features Maleficent next to Ariel, but this is one of the rare occasions when the two actually have something in common: great eyelashes.

The Beautifully Disney Collection

That bright red nail polish color in the bottom right is amazing, by the way.

The Beautifully Disney Line

Our personal favorite item in the line is the Tinker Bell eyeshadow palette as it comes in very brave and unusual colors with a really large mirror and cool foiled case.


If you want cheek bone inspiration, having an image of the Evil Queen on your powder is probably a good idea. This peach shade is practically perfect for any skin tone.

The Beautifully Disney Collection


You know how glitter nail polishes are usually rough and chunky once they dry? We were happily surprised by the smoothness with which the Beautifully Disney polishes went on, and how easily the little glitter fleck came off with nail polish remover. Our favorite was the gold shade when applied over one of the solid hues.

The Beautifully Disney Collection


The collection boasts the perfect dark purpley-red shade that somehow looks good on everyone. We’re also a fan of the orange shades of lip gloss that we anticipate will be huge this spring.

The Beautifully Disney Collection

This mascara packaging is just so sleek. Love it.

The Beautifully Disney Collection

You can buy the Beautifully Disney collection at Disney Store, which also has amazing brush sets we’d like to get our hands on. So pretty.

Posted 6 years Ago
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